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Uma história sobre redenção e novos começos.
Uma história sobre um protagonista que sofreu uma grave injustiça e que perdeu quase tudo em sua vida.
Para onde ele vai daqui? Quem é ele? Que tipo de pessoa ele se tornará?
Nosso protagonista era um pai normal e chato e homem de família, até que aquele que ele amava o traiu e pegou um trem de carga no meio de sua vida. Cinco anos depois, ele começa a recomeçar. Isso vai mudá-lo? Será que ele vai tentar reconstruir aquela vida antiga? Ou ele fará uma vida totalmente nova para si mesmo?
Em Whoremonger NTE (New Testament Edition) você pode ajudá-lo a decidir qual caminho seguir, pois ele recomeça a vida e busca algo especial em sua vida.


3dcg, Protagonista Masculino, Sexo Anal, Bunda Grande, Mamas Grandes, Trapaça (Evitável), Creampie, Corrupção, Exibicionismo, Gilf, Violência gráfica, Tateando, Footjob, Handjob, Humor, Incesto, Loli, Masturbação, Milf, NTR (Evitável), Sexo Oral, Romance, Ambiente Escolar, Sexo do sono, Pequenos Peitinhos, Stripping, Provocação, Titfuck, Micção, Sexo vaginal, Voyeurismo Planejado: Múltiplos Finais, Lésbica, Gravidez, Brinquedos sexuais, Palmadas, Virgem [v= Act 1.01] 09/02/2024

Atualização: 23/06/2024

Data de lançamento: 12/12/2024
Versão: v= Ato 2.01 Beta Renpy
Desenvolvedor: Turning Tricks

Conteúdo Novo/Adicionado

Act 2.01 Beta – Continuity Update and Bug Fixes [21/06/2024]

Story Fix:

Added a short bridging scene where if you had blocked content with the GILF Laura, and had checked up on Agnes alone on Friday morning (Day 19) then you would learn later that Laura invited Agnes to stay on her couch as she didn’t think it was right her to be all alone in the basement. This should smooth out some continuity issues where Agnes and Laura seemed to know each other when you hadn’t seen them meet yet. The other reason I needed to add this little bit was because I originally had plans for scenes with Agnes in the basement, but I changed my mind and in a future update, Agnes is instead going to be moving into that last vacant apartment in the building.

Other Fixes:

Fixed issue where Olivia mentions an event you never saw, when dropping Maddie off for school on Day 19

Added the option to turn lewd content Off for Olivia in that same scene. If you chat with her, content stays on. If you choose to not chat with her, you’ll lock her out of lewd content, although she still is in the story with Maddie.

Fixed an issue where the MC thinks about a scene with the stripper even if they didn’t choose that event.

Fixed a gallery image being incorrectly numbered when checking on Agnes in the basement

Fixed two original Act 1 renders where the bat the MC used on Chuck cloned itself

Fixed an incorrect variable on day 13 where dialogue depended on if you had sex with Juliette or not, when she visited you in your new place.

Fixed several spelling and grammar mistakes.

Fixed a couple of mislabeled speakers in dialogues. The correct characters are now speaking.

Act 2.0 Beta:

File Size – 861 MB

950 New Static Images

13 Animations (another 900+ renders)

43 new Gallery images

(plus 2 new Easter Eggs for this update – I’ll add a lot more in the next release)

21 new scenes (covering just about a week)

17 new audio files (music and SFX)

6000+ lines of code

26800 words of dialogue

This is my first attempt at real animations. They will get better over time, I am sure.

Introduced the first cross-over characters. From now on, characters you named in any of my VN’s will be remembered in any other VN I make. So when I have them cross-over, the game will remember what you named them.

Note about Crossover Characters – Ren’py allows developers to add what is called multi-persistent variables that will be saved and accessible by any game or VN the developer wants. This makes it possible to play game A, for example, and then when you play their new game B, any characters that have crossed over will retain their names and any other stats the developer sets. This data is located in the same area of your AppData folder where all Ren’py games keep their saves. It’s in a sub-folder labeled “persistent”. So if you regularly clean out the Ren’py saves folder, you want to leave that persistent directory alone, otherwise you will lose this feature and then be forced to rename characters in new games (or be stuck with their defaults).

Started updating the side images again. All the characters being featured in this release have been updated. Characters from Act I will be updated for the next release.

Corrected some coding used by Ren’py’s Self-Voicing feature. The Game UI in the upper left will no longer be read and character descriptions such as Thinking and Whispering are formatted better and don’t get duplicated by the self-voicing feature. Spoiler: Act 1.10

Whoremonger NTE – Act 1.10
BUG FIX – Fixed variable that flags if you accepted invitation to the VIP lounge or not, on day 3.
BUG FIX – Fixed bug where, if you were not on Mei’s path, it caused an Dev placeholder scene to show when doing laundry on day 7. That scene saying you had an issue with variables was left over from when I built it. The scene should play properly now.
BUG FIX – Fixed a missed flag that was supposed to be set when you meet Maddie for the first time.
First Easter Eggs added to gallery!
Eight secret renders are hidden in the game so far. To find the Easter eggs, you need to click their secret locations. These locations are invisible and will be difficult to find. We don’t want to make them too easy to find, so you won’t see them glowing when you mouser-over; like some other games. Instead, look at the renders and keep an eye open for things that should catch your attention and try clicking on them.
When you find a secret render, it will show on your screen and a victory trumpet will sound. Click the icon that appears in the upper right to continue the game and the render you just found will now be in the last set of your gallery – the one with the golden egg thumbnail.
Subscribers and those who bought the game on Itch.io, will get the locations in the included walkthrough. Spoiler: Act 1.01

Whoremonger NTE – Act 1.01
Spoiler: What’s the Same?

What’s the Same?
The core story and most of the renders are the same as the original version. What I did though was change this from the pseudo-sandbox type of game it was before, into a pure Visual Novel format that is much easier to read and play.
It’s not a kinetic VN though. You have to make many choices in this game, and each of those choices will either set you on a specific path, or change some of the content you see. Spoiler: What’s Different?

What’s Different?
So much more! Not only are there over 300 new images that I made, but there is also 10,000 new words of dialogue, 29 new music and sound files, and thousands of lines of new code for features and improvements. Also, there’s no patches required anymore… fuck that! This VN is openly incest themed! *grin*
So, even though this is still officially “Act I” of this story, it’s an almost completely new version of Act I, with much richer dialogue, a couple of new scenes (including a major Lewd scene) more features, added renders and many other improvements! And there is a gallery now!
As well, 19,000 lines of code were completely re-written in the background. I’ve learned a lot over the last couple of years and applied that to this new version. Not only will this make Whoremonger better running, with fewer bugs (I hope!), it also provides a framework where I can easily add new content moving forward. That’s because I am planning on finishing this story! It sat abandoned for far too long.
And, even with all the new content and improvements; because I converted all the images to WEBP format, the Build size for this version is still over 110MB smaller than the original while keeping the images at the same quality! With luck, I might be able to finish this story and still slip under the 2GB file limit in Android. (I haven’t done an Android build yet, but that’s on my To-Do list for next update) Spoiler: What’s Ahead?

What’s Ahead?
My plan is to alternate my work between Whoremonger and my newer project, A Dark Horse Riding. I’ve learned from other Devs that this is one of the best ways to avoid burn-out on one project. Instead, after each content update, I’ll switch to the other project. I started re-doing Whoremonger around January 10th or so, and it was probably the most work I have crammed into four weeks ever! But it totally recharged my interest and got my creative juices flowing again.
So look for the next update in Dark Horse in about a month or so, and then back to this one. Spoiler: By the numbers…

By the numbers…
Renders/Images: 1990 images (300+ new)
Code: 19,000 lines (all new!)
Dialogue: 63,100 words (10,000+ new)
Music/Audio: 93 files (29 new)
Play Time: Between 5-6 hours for single path. Spoiler: Original Act 1 – v1.10

Act 1 – v1.10 Changelog:
Lines of code (14,000+ new, 20,000+ total)
HD Renders (950+ New, 1440 total)
Play Time (3 hrs+ on Act 1 content (longest path), plus another 1-2 hours on other paths)
This doesn’t include the time for the Prologue
New Content:
19 Game days and apx. 33 events
6 new characters
Stayed with a VN style format with path choices. Decided to wait until a new project to attempt a Sandbox game
Two NTR events this update. To see them, you need to turn NTR on, either when asked in game or by using the switch in the preferences screen.
I wrote completely separate content for scenes where there is an NTR version and a non NTR version. You will only see the one you choose.
Other Stuff:
Fixed some typos in Prologue
Made formating changes game wide for better readability
Created full character customization for almost all characters in game
Updated Sprites and Side images on all characters
Added an NTR switch to the Preferences screen
Added some new music and normalized all the music files to be a little lower volume Spoiler: Original Act 1 – v1.0.1 Prologue

Act 0 – v1.0.1 Prologue
Initial Release with splash screen hotfix applied. No other changes. If you downloaded a v1.0, just apply the hotfix links in OP. Spoiler: Original Act 1 – v1.0 Prologue

Act 0 – v1.0 Prologue
Initial Release
470+ HD renders
15500 Words
38 Sound and music files
Apx. 1.5-2 hours playtime

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